São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Ocean Interdisciplinary Research and Governance

13 - 25 August 2018


São Paulo University

Oceanographic Institute

São Paulo, Brazil

Ocean Science and the Environment


Given the complexity of current environmental challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity conservation and governance, the interdisciplinary approach to science has gained increased awareness and use in the global scientific community. In parallel, ocean sustainability is a topic of concern and often voiced in international fora. These discussions stress the need to promote ocean governance coupled with a greater understanding of oceanographic processes. Ocean science, however, is still fragmented and many scientists lack training to understand and apply interdisciplinary and integrated approaches to their research to support decision making. This lack of training has created a strong demand for the promotion of interdisciplinarity in ocean research and more effective collaboration among natural and social sciences, local knowledge, and public policies. 

Our goal is to provide graduate students with advanced knowledge on interdisciplinary ocean research and integrated science and governance, including issues related to public policy. Participants will discuss relevant themes with renowned scientists in a multidisciplinary and multicultural context. 


Theoretical and historical background
Processes and connections
Integrating science and public policies
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Participants will receive a certificate from the Graduate Program in Oceanography of the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (IO-USP) acknowledging their participation in the School, provided they attend all sessions of the program. 



For any further information or comment, send an e-mail to: spsas_ocean@usp.br

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